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Marta Pereira da Costa is the world`s first and only professional portuguese guitar female player in Fado, the soulful music from Portugal recently acknowledged by UNESCO as part of the World ́s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

She started playing the piano at the age of 4, later at 8 learned the classical guitar and at 18 began to study the Portuguese Guitar through the hand of Carlos Gonçalves, one of the most important Amália Rodrigues guitar players.

Marta had the opportunity to play with names like Mariza, Camané and Carlos do Carmo for several occasions. She became a member of Mário Pacheco ́s musical group, having participated in many concerts in Portugal and abroad, mainly after the recording of his album “ Clube de Fado - a música e a guitarra”, acclaimed by Songlines magazine as the best of World Music in 2005. In 2008, invited by the famous composer and spanish producer Jaime Roldán, she recorded “ Pasa”in “Unidad de Canciones Intensivas”. In 2012 Marta recorded the Portuguese Guitar for Rodrigo ́s “ Fados de Amor”, the first album in history of Fado where the Portuguese Guitar is solely played by a woman, awarded Best Fado Album of 2012 by the prestigious Amália Rodrigues Foundation.

2012 was also the year that Marta decided to abandon her work as a civil engineer in order to pursue her professional career in music as a Portuguese Guitar player. In March that year she gave her first solo concert in Toronto, where she returned one year later. Then, in June, she performed at the portuguese Embassy in Ljubljana ( Slovenia), where she returned in October. Also in June, included in the program of the city “Festas de Lisboa”, she presented her first self-titled performance in Lisbon to a large audience and huge success.

In the same month she performed in Madrid at Teatros del Canal for the II Fado Festival. During the rest of that year she played at TEDx Boavista, and in the prestigious venue of CCB in Lisbon.


In 2013 she was invited to be part of “Talented People”, for the spanish brand Cortefiel, and together with Rodrigo they staged a major concert at Lisbon ́s Tivoli Theatre that sold out (1000pax). In April she was one of the guest stars at Radio Alfa ́s Fado Gala, in Paris. In June, also with Rodrigo, she played in São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil). Later, between October and November, they both made a tour around the East Coast of the USA, performing in 10 different venues like the mythical Johnny ́s D in Boston and in the Drom in New York. Besides these concerts, they also did several workshops on Fado music at the Universities and High Schools.

In 2014 They would repeat the tour, with special emphasis for the concert in Kansas City, a reference of Jazz worldwide. In Portugal several concerts sold out such as in Estoril, Figueira da Foz Casino and Casa da Música in Oporto. During this year she performed in Switzerland and Israel at Tel Aviv ́s Felicja Blumental Music Festival and also in Romenia ( Bucareste Radio Room).

Together with the concerts Marta embraces the project “ Brincar aos Fados” (“Playing with fados”), recording all the Portuguese Guitar compositions. This year was also honored by the Amália Rodrigues Foundation with the “Instrumentalist Award 2014”.

Her debut single “Terra” an original theme, was the soundtrack theme of a commercial film of the Portuguese Commerce and Industry Chamber.

In 2015 the concert “Fado and the Portuguese Guitar” held in CCB ( Belem Cultural Centre of Lisbon) sold out. Also played at Festival Musiques Rares, at Macôn in France. Alongside she prepared her first solo album, where she presented her first compositions as an author, as well as payed tribute to her greatest musical references. The record, that takes the Portuguese Guitar on a journey to other musical ambiences, was released by Warner Music in May 2016, and was well acclaimed by both the public and the critics.


In 2016 Marta embraces a new adventure by being part of the famous portuguese singer Dulce Pontes`band, and travelling all over the world and playing in the most important venues like Palau de la Musica ( Barcelona), Teatro Nuevo Apolo ( Madrid), Teatro La Fenice ( Veneza), touring in Holland, playing for Pierre Cardin in Festival Lacoste, and many others.

Alongside touring also with her own band she kept playing in portuguese auditoriums such as Lethes Theatre in Faro or Carlos Paredes Auditorium in Lisbon, as well as in Guitar Festivals in Almeirim and in Oeiras where Marta invited a sax jazz player Ricardo Toscano.

Besides the road concerts, in 2017 Marta produces her first huge concert gathering on stage all the musicians that recorded the album for a big production with her own signature, which took place in May at BBVA Tivoli Theatre in Lisbon, It was the confirmation of Marta Pereira da Costa as a praised name in Fado and also in the portuguese musical scene.

The second half of this year she was invited to do some private and public events. Plays at Casa de Mateus (Mateus Rosé Wine) (Vila Real Palace) on a private concert for Iberdrola, and also plays at Igreja da Misericórdia in Tavira, in the 1st edition of the Mediterranean Diet Festival. Still during the summer played as guest in several concerts. Late in November she was the artist chosen to perform at the cerimony of the private reception of the Colombian Republic President in Ajuda Palace.

2018 was a great year in Marta ́s career.

After the first concert in Portugal, where she was invited to perform at Court Atlante Festival 1st edition which took place in Santarem, she travelled to Italy for two concerts at Real Teatro Santa Cecilia in Palermo, in the mythical Brass in Jazz Festival.

Both concerts sold out and the public asked for more! (

Marta was invited to participate in a tv documentary series for the National TV called “ Três Mulheres” (Three Women), where her character performs a song. In February she performed at Diogo Bernardes Theatre ( in Ponte de Lima), and played two more concerts in Fábrica Braço de Prata and in Lisbon Living Room Sessions, both performances with nice reviews.

In March she returned the big concerts playing for the first time in Bragança Theatre.

She was also one of the guests for the 14th edition of the private event L`Oreal Medal of Honor for Women in Science, which took place in Lisbon. Later that month she performed at the 6th edition of the Portuguese cinema awards “ Prémios Sophia” playing live and solo “Minha Alma” once again on national televison.
After Italy in February, she travelled to Spain to perform in a full venue at BBK Room in Bilbao.

RTP chooses Marta to be the personality for the promotional spot during the Mundial football campaign FIFA World Cup - RUSSIA 2018.

In June comes a huge production, joining the Portuguese guitar with Fado, cape-verde Morna, brazilian Chorinho, and Portuguese Music with special guests such as Tito Paris (CV), Edu Miranda (BR) and Rui Veloso (PT). The concert was a big success. At the same time she performed for several private events in Lisbon, as she prepared her next big concert in the prestigious Guitar Festival in Cordoba, sharing the program with prestigious names of the guitar like Pat Metheny, Vicente Amigo, Mike Stern etc.
Cordobańs public acclaims the guitarist, as well as the spanish local press. Both consider the concert at Gongora Theatre as being a great sample of genuine portuguese guitar music (Puro Arte -

Monsaraz Biennial Open Museum at the Castle invited Marta to the opening ceremony with a special concert. The public remains surprised and enthusiastic and finally surrenders the performance. For the first time she plays at a portuguese rock Festival, NOS ALIVE, at Fado Cafe stage, with an amazing and energetic concert that states Marta as a name to pay attention once for all at the portuguese musical scene. Then she performed at the MIMO Festival in Amarante and the day after she was travelling to Canada to perform at Waterloo Jazz Festival in Ontario.

Then she return to perform where she had her debut concert Lisbon, 6 years before in 2012, now in Santa Casa Alfama Fado Festival. An immense crowd came to applause her.

She was invited to perform with a tradicional men’s choir of Fado de Coimbra, being the only woman allowed on stage.

Besides the summer tour concerts in Portugal she travells to Maroc in October for two concerts, one in Bahia Palace in Marrakech and the other in Rabat Festival des Cordes Pincés

2018 added more than 30 dates live.

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