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First solo album by guitarist Marta Pereira da Costa, published in 2016.
Here you can listen to the songs that are part of the homonymous album "Marta Pereira da Costa" in full. You can also buy the album via links to online stores, below.


This first solo album has 4 themes composed by Marta, in which she pays tribute to her main musical influences:
- To the Portuguese Guitar and its masters that made history, by playing her own interpretation and honoring names such as Carlos Paredes, or the music and composer Pedro Jóia with whom Marta played.

- To Fado itself and its players and singers, inviting Camané, one of the biggest names in nowadays Fado scene.

- To the Portuguese music inviting both Dulce Pontes and Rui Veloso, two major references, to compose, sing and play in the record;

- To the World Music: the guitar as part of what brings alltogether, the known and the unknown, the obvious and the unexpected sounds. For instance the Iranian singer Tara Tiba, is here with her own story forced to leave her country because by tradition women can not sing in Iran; the camaroon bass player Richard Bona is present also playing a theme. And, finally, also the fusion between jazz and Portuguese Fado music, from the great Mário Laginha. Musical Producer Filipe Raposo.