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Historically, the Portuguese Guitar has always been associated with man as a musician, and mostly confined to Fado as a language. Marta Pereira da Costa breaks with this tradition and presents a new Portuguese Guitar as the “voice” of her project.

She is a pioneer in professionally playing Portuguese Guitar in Fado worldwide, she takes Fado to the World and brings the World to Fado, breaking barriers and uniting borders.

In 2014 he was distinguished by the Amália Rodrigues Foundation with the “Instrumentalist Award”.


Marta performs in different formations from QUINTETO, composed of Portuguese Guitar, Classical Guitar, Double Bass, Piano (and/or accordion) and Percussion; or in smaller formations such as TRIO (composed of Portuguese Guitar, Classical Guitar and Double Bass); DUO (composed of Piano and Portuguese Guitar), or even SOLO.

The audience will be taken on a journey through the most traditional sounds such as fado and traditional Portuguese music, which sometimes follows other paths such as Brazilian chorinho, Cape Verdean morna or the same world music. Different sounds and environments, in an interpretation guided by sensitivity and delicacy, but also intense and dynamic, and always with a very Portuguese flavor and identity.

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